Support (dilatation) gutter joiner!

Support (dilatation) gutter joiner is an innovative solution Galeco allows tight
connection the gutters with square profile.


Gutter and fall pipe intersection


Calculating the protrusion of rafter


X = Y - 14 - Z

X [cm] - distance the protrusion of rafter inside the cavity for downpipe
Y [cm] - insulation thickness+ elevation finish
Z [cm] - front board thickness
16 [cm] - width from the cover front to the rear surface od bracket

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Calculating effective roof surface.


Roof surface in m2 – (C/2 +B) x roof length.

Table of capacity

You need to compare the data in the table with the size of the surface that is to be drained selecting proper number of soil pipes and a placement that are the most appropriate for your building. The data in the table determine the roof maximum surface from which one soil pipe is able to receive water at extreme or central orientation of the fall pipe.



Fall pipe orientation System efficiency
extreme 90 m2
central 180 m2




* Foregoing calculations are carried out with an assumption that precipitation intensity equals 75 mm/h, and roof slope equals maximum 50 degrees. For roofs with less than 10-degree slope or flat roofs, the maximum effective roof surface equals the roof surface.

Informacja o rozmiarze

Information about sizes

NON-EAVES Galeco System 125/70x80 is used for guttering single-family houses, dwelling-houses and minor industrial facilities including non-eaves roofs. Thanks to the use of a rectangular profile, the gutter becomes more effective in comparison to competitive round 125 mm gutters. Rectangular pipe is designed for concealing the entire drain in the building’s insulation.



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Colour schemes

The duct cover may be lacquered in any RAL colour on request.







~ RAL 9005 B Black STAL MD
~ RAL 7015 A Graphite STAL MD



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Special-purpose support bracket

Special-purpose metal support bracket is equipped with fasteners, placed in its lower part, that enable locking the duct cover.
This component may be dismounted at any time for gutter maintenance purposes.
The duct cover, the support bracket, and the gutter are Galeco solutions that are legally protected by Polish Patent Office.
Front hook with fastener.


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