• Is a verge trim one of elements of the system?
    No. It is a flat plate treatment provided by the supplier
  • How to make a plate joint through the application of a verge trim?
    The joint should be overlapped.  A shift of a verge trim against gutter overlap joint shall be provided.
  • How to provide the duct cover joiner?
    The duct cover may be overlapped. Installation instruction may be downloaded  HERE
  • How to proceed with gutter overlap joiner?
    This type of joint may be provided through soldering or overlapping (min. 15 cm) with the use of steel adhesive that is available at Galeco.
  • Is gully/sink basin a necessary component of the system?
    Yes. It enables removal of pollutions from the system.
  • May rainwater be drained superficially to the development area? Does Galeco offer a system element that would enable draining with fall pipe running through the façade?
    No. Galeco company does not recommend application of superficial drainage to the development area, as so called „stack effect” may occur causing significant air chilling in fall pipe. As a result, freezing of rainwater may occur at the place of passage through façade. Thus, it may cause congestion in fall pipe above this passage and damage to this pipe placed in façade.
  • May Non-eaves System be used for dewatering of terrace or flat roof?
  • Is sink bowl available in Galeco offer?
  • Are various dimension of non-eaves system available?
    No. Currently, only one size of this system is available.
  • Is fall pipe that would be more flat available?
  • Does Galeco offer any side element for the duct cover finishing?
    No. Such finishing should be provided by the contractor on the site.
  • Should heating cables be aligned in fall pipe also?
    Yes. The cables should be aligned both in the gutter and in the fall pipe up to settling tank/sink basin.
  • Does non-slope overlapping of the system enable safe and total drainage of rainwater from the roof?
    Yes, if carried on as per guidelines provided in installation instruction by the qualified fitter.
  • Does Galeco company offer installation of the system?
    No. The list of contractors may be obtained at building material warehouses where Galeco products are available.
  • Where Non-Eaves System may be purchased?
    Entire range of products is available at DIY stores in the whole country. The list of these stores is available at our Branch Offices.

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