Galeco FLAT ROOFS - Modular innovation

Innovative approach to flat roof drainage.
As the only company on the market, we offer ready-to-use sets for connecting roof inlets, downpipes and attic passes. The Galeco system enables easy connection of the flat roof drainage with the square section downpipes of the Galeco STAL2 and Galeco HIDDEN GUTTER systems, forming a coherent whole with the building body.

15 Oct
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“Running fast” through development of innovative solutions seems to be the only chance to battle against unfair competition and a source for a long-term success.

Szczepan Buryło
President of the Board


The Galeco HIDDEN Gutter System

is an innovative system dedicated for instalation in the thermal insulation of buildings which do not have traditional eaves.

The innovative character of HIDDEN GUTTER System

is that it has a latch joiner between the support bracket and the duct cover.

This is a new HIDDEN GUTTER Galeco system.

It is designed for unconventional single-family houses, dwelling-houses and minor industrial facilities that have not been equipped with standard eaves.